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I Know You Gals Will Understand

I had lots of WIPs to show you on Friday but just not the time to show them since they all needed to be done by 5AM yesterday morning. That’s when we got up, got ready, hopped in the car and drove and drove and drove to get our family portrait taken. Insane, yes, but I know the photos will be worth it. One of my favorite photographers was within driving distance so you better believe I was getting her to take our pictures. Last week when either Stefan or I mentioned the session to anyone and that we were driving all that way we were met with the strangest looks and questions like, can’t you just go to Sears? Well, no offense to the Sears guy but I’m pretty sure he won’t deliver anything like this. So, we drove, and drove.

But back to Friday’s WIPs. I wanted to learn to sew clothing because of occasions just like this. We had two sets of outfits for the photos, each with their own color palette — you know, if you’re going to all this trouble for family portraits you want everyone to look good. One wardrobe started with a peasant top/dress for Katrina made by Sandi. The second wardrobe started with a shirt for me. I rummaged through our clothing and did a little shopping but still didn’t have everything I needed for everyone. So, I went to the fabric store (four times), and then started sewing. I would never compare my paltry skills to the likes of Martha but I have to say I did feel some kinship with her this week since I knew she was finishing up her Spring collection.


For wardrobe number one I made Katrina a headband — to coordinate with the peasant top/dress — and Tristan a raglan t-shirt:

Raglan Tee

What I really wanted was something like this but the buttons had too much potential for disaster and since it would be my first knit experience I decided to go with just a straight raglan shirt even though the pattern I used — Burda 9748 — calls for a similar closure.

For wardrobe number two I was a little busier. First there was a romper/shortalls for Tristan:

Photo by Papa

These are made from a fine brown corduroy and I see him wearing them without a shirt underneath this summer. I will be making him more of these — McCall’s 2033 — for sure. Next, I made an elastic waistband linen a-line skirt for me:

A-Line Skirt

I used these instructions with a small modification for a waistband sewn separately instead of just folded over. The last thing I sewed was this dress for Katie:

Photo by Papa

This is why I wanted to learn to sew. I’m sure I could have gone to five different stores searching for the perfect dress to coordinate with the light blue and brown colors but instead we went to the fabric store for 20 minutes and found this brown and blue fabric. I was able to use the bodice pieces from a pattern I had already — McCall’s 2033 — in a size 4 — since that was the largest pattern size and Katie needs a larger size mostly for length — and then added a longer, fuller skirt than called for in the instructions.

As I was finishing up all these projects on Friday night Stefan said to me, I don’t know anyone else who would go to all this trouble. To which I replied, Oh, I do, I definitely do. See, I knew you gals would understand.

WIP Friday

Today we’re working on the vegetable garden. Last year it went to the weeds — really tall weeds — since I couldn’t cope with planting and tending it. We really missed the veggies though. So this year, I planned, I dreamt, I waited, and now the work has begun.


Last weekend we cleaned out the raised beds and covered the big ones with black plastic — both to warm up the soil and kill lingering weed seeds. This weekend we need to add some soil to the small herb bed and plant a new rosemary plant since ours didn’t make it through last Winter. We have thyme and oregano in there already, I need to think about what other perennial herb I want to add. Then next weekend we need to add soil to the two big beds and get some veggies in the ground. We’re planning on the usuals — paste tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers, squash, pumpkins, maybe some cucumbers. I’m also hoping to get some berry bushes planted by the gate — I’m thinking rasberries. Then I need to start thinking about pots for things like basil and maybe chives. Mmmm, it’s shaping up to be a yummy summer.

Edited to add: The dress is Simplicity 9562 (a pattern that is now out-of-print) – made by Nana (Stefan’s mom). The main fabric is Amy Butler’s Linen Morning Glory and the accent fabric is Amy Butler’s Slate Full Moon Polka Dot, both from the Lotus line.

WIP Friday

Wildflower Garden In Progress

After finishing sweaters for both kids I was feeling like doing something besides knitting for a little while. So I decided to take a look at some unfinished cross-stitch projects. I had given them up a while ago because I needed a better light and possibly a magnifier to finish them. About a year ago I got an OTT-LITE and I have reading glasses — not needed for reading but good for fine stitching — so I decided to pick one of the projects back up.

Wildflower Garden Close-up

This band sampler pattern is by The Drawn Thread and is called Wildflower Garden. I have three other garden patterns too — Alpine, Prairie, and Cloister. I stitched Woodland Walk for my sister-in-law years ago and really liked the style. Their patterns contain a lot of cross-stitch but also a number of other stitches like eyelets, smyrna crosses, and lazy daisies. It makes for a fun stitch, which is a good thing since it’s done over two threads on 32 count belfast linen. For a little perspective on what that means:

Wildflower Garden - Perspective

Small, huh?

WIP Friday

Getting Better

Not much crafty going on around here. Just working on feeling better. Thank goodness for the restorative powers of the sun and fresh air.

WIP Friday — Am I Just Being Cheap?

Nine and a Half Inches

Progress on Monica is moving along at a nice clip. I’m really glad I decided to knit it in the round for a multitude of reasons but one of them has to do with me being cheap, or as I prefer to say frugal, or the more trendy, thrifty. You see, I’ve come to the end of my first skein of yellow yarn. I am making a child size 6 and the pattern indicates for that size the front and back (knit completely in the main color) should measure 10.5 inches. I have nine and a half. So here are the options as I see them:

  1. Break out the second skein of yellow — $8.75 from my LYS — recognizing that I will use very little of it to complete the front/back to 10.5 inches.
  2. Call 9.5 inches good enough, realizing that I am knitting this for my truly size 5 daughter and accepting that her navel may peak out by the end of the summer.
  3. Switch to the lavender yarn — the contrast color — for the remaining one inch, knowing that this one inch should be covered by the ruffle — in the same lavender color — in all circumstances except when said daughter is standing on her head.


WIP Friday

Sweater In Progress

Moving through the Knitty Spring Issue I am now working on Monica in yellow with a lavender ruffle. This is the first time I’m using this yarn — Cascade Sierra — and I have to say I’m pleased with it so far. You may have noticed I’m knitting the sweater in the round. I’m “adding” the side seams by purling the two stitches — one from the front, one from the back — that are where the seam would be. I was afraid that I would never get through both the long plain front AND back so by putting them in the round I really can just zone out and knit, plus after reading the pattern through it seems a perfect candidate for circular knitting. Okay, back to it…

WIP Friday

Bunny in Progress

Did you guys see the winners of the Softie Awards? Lisa of Crafty Alien — flickr and etsy — won the Best Amigurumi award for her adorable raccoon. If you go to her flickr photos you’ll see she has created a number of adorable animals, including a bunny. Lisa sells patterns and kits for the animals on etsy. I knit this guy up in about ninety minutes and then felt him in the wash. Now I just need to add the felt eyes, nose, insides of the ears and he’ll be ready to give to a little friend.

flickr photos

Mama Urchin. Get yours at

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