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WIP Friday

Getting Better

Not much crafty going on around here. Just working on feeling better. Thank goodness for the restorative powers of the sun and fresh air.

WIP Friday — Am I Just Being Cheap?

Nine and a Half Inches

Progress on Monica is moving along at a nice clip. I’m really glad I decided to knit it in the round for a multitude of reasons but one of them has to do with me being cheap, or as I prefer to say frugal, or the more trendy, thrifty. You see, I’ve come to the end of my first skein of yellow yarn. I am making a child size 6 and the pattern indicates for that size the front and back (knit completely in the main color) should measure 10.5 inches. I have nine and a half. So here are the options as I see them:

  1. Break out the second skein of yellow — $8.75 from my LYS — recognizing that I will use very little of it to complete the front/back to 10.5 inches.
  2. Call 9.5 inches good enough, realizing that I am knitting this for my truly size 5 daughter and accepting that her navel may peak out by the end of the summer.
  3. Switch to the lavender yarn — the contrast color — for the remaining one inch, knowing that this one inch should be covered by the ruffle — in the same lavender color — in all circumstances except when said daughter is standing on her head.


WIP Friday

Sweater In Progress

Moving through the Knitty Spring Issue I am now working on Monica in yellow with a lavender ruffle. This is the first time I’m using this yarn — Cascade Sierra — and I have to say I’m pleased with it so far. You may have noticed I’m knitting the sweater in the round. I’m “adding” the side seams by purling the two stitches — one from the front, one from the back — that are where the seam would be. I was afraid that I would never get through both the long plain front AND back so by putting them in the round I really can just zone out and knit, plus after reading the pattern through it seems a perfect candidate for circular knitting. Okay, back to it…

WIP Friday

Bunny in Progress

Did you guys see the winners of the Softie Awards? Lisa of Crafty Alien — flickr and etsy — won the Best Amigurumi award for her adorable raccoon. If you go to her flickr photos you’ll see she has created a number of adorable animals, including a bunny. Lisa sells patterns and kits for the animals on etsy. I knit this guy up in about ninety minutes and then felt him in the wash. Now I just need to add the felt eyes, nose, insides of the ears and he’ll be ready to give to a little friend.

WIP Friday

On Saturday, I realize. As I was about to leave the house yesterday morning to take Katrina to preschool I noticed out the front window that it looked like the painters who were supposed to come paint my kitchen next Friday were unpacking tarps in front of my house. I was substituting at the preschool yesterday so we couldn’t be late and the kitchen was a disaster. I threw all the dishes into the oven and the dishwasher and shoved everything else aside. Today the kitchen is still a disaster but the walls look great. Onto my WIP this week:

Shorts In Progress

These are going to be shorts for Tristan. The fabric is from superbuzzy but I’ve seen it at reprodepot too. I originally thought this fabric could be part of Tristan’s quilt-to-be. So, I only had half a yard and the pattern — Burda 9793 — calls for more. Well, I squeezed all the pattern pieces in and have very little scrap left over Just need to get some elastic and do the waistband and then the boy will be modeling his own clothes for once.

WIP Friday

Smocket In Progress

These smockets in progress are destined to be Easter gifts for some little girls in our life. Katrina will hopefully be getting a cherry themed version later this weekend. The yellow canvas is a leftover from my mom — she has a business making draperies so has LOTS of leftovers — and the floral is a decorator fabric I picked up at Jo-ann Fabrics. I’m going to put a pocket on the yellow side but leave the floral side plain.

Thanks to Alicia for the pattern and to Amy for posting the original that came from her grandmother.

WIP Friday

Sweater for Tristan

This is going to be a sweater for Tristan. The pattern is from the new Spring Knitty. Have you seen this issue? I’m in love with a bunch of things in it like this and this and this. I love that the sweater has so many options — short or long sleeved, hood or no hood — and it’s so cute. I did have the problem of size, the pattern is written for size 12 or 18 months and my little guy is already wearing size 24 month. So, I’ve upped the gauge a little bit and I’ll increase the length a bit too. The yarn I’m using was in my stash — gotta love that — and it’s something that has been languishing in there for years. I’m making it short sleeved and with a hood — if the yarn holds out. I’m thinking he can wear it as a coverup this summer — the yarn is super soft — and then with a long sleeved tee this fall. Hopefully I can finish it quickly so I can cast on some of that other great stuff.

Sweater Closeup

WIP Friday

Scarf and Peep

This is actually two works-in-progress. The scarf is for my mom — by request — to match this hat. The fuzzy stuff on top will be a ball which may or may not turn into Peep depending upon how the wash goes.

WIP Friday

So that post wasn’t supposed to overwhelm you guys. In fact, I hoped it would have the opposite effect — I know nothing and get pretty good photos, you can too. The little roll of paper is cheap (like $30) and you can get it at your local camera shop. Hang some off a chair near a bright window and voilà you have a mini-studio. Or you could find a partner who is obsessed with these types of things but that will cost you a lot more. WAY MORE. Papa Urchin is a pretty good photographer though and I’ve been bugging him to start sharing more of his talent with the world so hopefully I can share something about that soon — are you reading this Papa?

Fabric Flower

Anyway, onto this week’s WIP — a flower using Blair’s tutorial. There’s a flickr group for finished ones too. Mine is going to be a hair adornment for Katie. The adorable fabric is the same as something else I’ve recently made her — more on Monday — that she loves so I figured I should stick with something that works. The selvedge says nothing so I’ll see if I can check out the tag on the bolt the next time I’m at the fabric store. These are super quick and easy to make, mine is just held up waiting for some felt for the back They are so easy in fact I might start making them all the time , I think I’ll be hunting through the remnants next time I’m at the fabric store too.

And one last thing, my blogging buddy Dawbis posted a fun little photography challenge for next week (starting tomorrow). Why not pop over there and read the details so we can see next week through your camera lens too.

WIP Friday

WIP Friday

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